I have had the idea for a site for group home support staff for years. It never materialized because I lacked the skills and time. I didn’t have the resources to pay someone to help me out. In 2006 I developed my skills as a blogger and received some help from internet entrepreneur, Bob Schmuck. I decided blogging would be a good place to start Jan’s Group Home Support.

I hope you find useful information here and stay around to watch Jan’s Group Home Support grow.

Contributors to Jan’s Group Home Support

Jan Pavis -Sparks

Jan has worked in day programs and group homes for 13 years and has been writing since she was a teen.  Some of the positions she has held include support staff, home manager, newsletter contributor, recreation tech, photographer, day program staff, and assistant home manager. She even has helped in the office on occasion. Currently she works in the optical field and has an article writing business.

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