Choosing Clothes for Work

Choosing Clothes for Work

In a group home you are expected to look neat so that if you are taking the resident to an appointment you look professional.  In addition you want to be able be comfortable because there is no telling what kind of activity you will do from day to day.  Old clothes are comfortable but they don’t look good.  Basic scrubs work but they cause undo attention to the fact that the resident is in need of staff with them.   There are many scrub designs that look enough like street clothes that you can get away with wearing them at work.

The Advantages of Wearing Scrubs at a Group Home

Stylish scrubs will last longer and provide better protection from bodily fluids that may get on them. 

Fashionable nursing scrubs are very durable, resist stains, and are easy to clean. 
Another advantage to wearing scrubs is that they are designed so that you can bend over to take care of a resident without exposing things that the residents and those around you don’t need to be viewing.  This is especially important with people who have weak impulse control because exposure can put a group home staff at risk.

Affordable Clothing for Work

Buying online is often less expensive than going to a uniform store.  It can take longer to get the item, though.  Quality scrubs may cost a few dollars more than alternative clothing but it is worth it to wear durable clothing that lasts.  Visit All Uniform Wear or other uniform websites to see the latest fashions and get the best prices for high quality group home work clothes. They have a large selection of print scrubs and will even help you pick a pants to match!

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Jan Pavis
Written by Jan Pavis

I have worked in day programs and group homes for 13 years and have been writing since I was a teen. Some of the positions I have held have included support staff, home manager, newsletter contributor, recreation tech, photographer, day program staff, and assistant home manager. I even have helped in the office on occasion. Currently I work in the optical field and has an content writing business.

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