Limited Funds for Group Homes

Limited Funds for Group Homes

January brought many changes to funding and the reality is hitting some group homes and their residents hard.  Staff is being effected as they do their best to make the most of what they have so that group home residents maintain their quality of life.  Some companies are organizing fundraisers for residents to participate in. Since some residents are limited on their ability to network it may not be very effective.  It still can be a source for some added funding for group homes.

Choosing a Fundraiser

The fundraiser should be appropriate for the residents to sell.  Think of the season and pick a compatible fundraiser like in the  summer an ice cream fundraiser can do really well.  All potential fundraisers should be thoroughly researched. HERE is a good resource of potential fundraisers.

Organizing Fundraising Events

There should be one person at the company and in each house that coordinates the fundraising. When the fund raiser is done company wide the residents and staff can take turns setting up tables in front of stores like the girl scouts do for cookies.  Residents or homes that participate the most can be rewarded with pizza coupons or video rental credits. Online fundraising requires less time from staff and residents. Monetary earnings must carefully monitored so as not to interfere with income levels that could further decrease funding for individual residents.

3-4 Fundraisers a year provides additional funds for extras without burning people out.

Distributing Income from Fundraising

Activities that have been cut could be reinstated with the funds that are raised. Extras like cable could be added to the homes.  The money can be used to buy dinner out, movie tickets, or memberships to local attractions.  Having each house participate will assure that everyone does their part to be entitled to some of the funds.

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Jan Pavis
Written by Jan Pavis

I have worked in day programs and group homes for 13 years and have been writing since I was a teen. Some of the positions I have held have included support staff, home manager, newsletter contributor, recreation tech, photographer, day program staff, and assistant home manager. I even have helped in the office on occasion. Currently I work in the optical field and has an content writing business.

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