Tucson Rodeo and Saving Money

Tucson Rodeo and Saving Money

January is a good time to start thinking about the Tucson Rodeo if you live or can visit Tucson, AZ.  The rodeo is about halfway done and the parade will be going on tomorrow.  If you can’t make it this year if you have a journal or calender write down plans for next year and add this to it. For residents in school they will get Thursday and Friday off for Rodeo Days even though there will be events all week.

The rodeo doesn’t have to be expensive but it may mean starting to save up now to have money next year for the residents that really enjoy the rodeo.  These ideas can be used to save money at most rodeos and may other events.

  • Save a little money each month for the rodeo so there is money to take advantage or rodeo specials.
  • Look for rodeo specials from local businesses
  • Go the first weekend when the prices are lower and often there is a family special that includes tickets, food, and a drink
  • Go on slack days, they start earlier in the day, there are less people, and free parking
  • Bring a sack lunch and eat at the car or van if spending the day
  • Eat before going to the rodeo
  • Bring water and flavor packets that can be added after you go in and can open the water
  • Have money set aside to splurge on a special food item like dessert or a souvenier

Before going make sure everyone is dressed properly and is protected from the sun. For those with allergies or asthma bring necessary medication that is secure out of the reach of the residents.

With planning and saving everyone can go to the rodeo and have a great time!

Image by Jan F. Pavis Photography

Jan Pavis
Written by Jan Pavis

I have worked in day programs and group homes for 13 years and have been writing since I was a teen. Some of the positions I have held have included support staff, home manager, newsletter contributor, recreation tech, photographer, day program staff, and assistant home manager. I even have helped in the office on occasion. Currently I work in the optical field and has an content writing business.

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